Crooked Steering Wheel

I own an 09 Rubicon and recently experienced death wobble for the first time which was incredibly violent! I fixed the wobble but now I’m looking for assistance with an odd steering problem. When I turn hard at higher speeds my steering wheel will become off center by almost 90 degrees and when I make more turns in the same direction the ESP light comes on and the Jeep acts as if it’s sliding on ice. The problem will correct itself when I drive on bumpy roads and the steering wheel comes back to center. I also have quite a bit of play or a dead spot in my steering wheel which I’ve tried to tighten on the steering box but have only slightly improved the play.

With these problems I have to ask why have you not had a front end shop fix this . It sounds like you have a accident in your future , maybe even today.


Fortunately the only accident that may occur is if it falls off the jack stands. I’m looking for possible solutions before I go to the local mechanic if I can’t fix it myself.

Not to be snide… I don’t think you CAN fix it yourself.

Could be a broken weld, torn frame, bad steering box, loose steering linkage, bad intermediate shaft, bad rag joint… All things that should be apparent to you if the Jeep is on jack stands and you are looking at it.

If what you describe had happened to me while driving this Jeep, I’d have parked it and had it towed where it could be fixed. In my case, my home. In your case, to a good repair shop specializing in Jeeps.


Probably doing more damage then good by tightening.

I appreciate your honesty most will sugar coat the reality but I’m weighing my options as well. I love the Jeep but if the cost to fix is more that what the vehicle is worth then is it worth the time, money and effort to hold onto.

There are very few cheap Jeep Wranglers anywhere in the US . Even if you have a good shop repair this problem the chance that you can sell it for that amount or even more is good. Right now not many people would be interested in it . Have you even done a web search to get some kind of idea what it is worth ?