Creaking noise front end when turning 2001 Suburban

4WD 2001 Suburban 2500, 8100 vortec engine with 90,000 miles.(pulled 11,000 lb. travel trailer for 3 years long before the noise started). Several months ago, a creaking noise was heard only when turning right and only before the car had warmed up. The noise would not be heard for days and then would come back. After some months, the creaking noise now exists much more frequently, but still is not constant. It is heard when turning left and right…and rarely, there is a very slight creak when going straight after a turn. Noise is still heard before the Suburban is warm. It can only be described as a creaking sound. There is no grinding, no clicking, no popping. Nothing can be felt in the steering wheel. I have hauled a small 8,000 lb. travel trailer between MA and FL three times with this noise and brought the car to a GM dealership in FL and in MA, but there was no noise when I brought it in and no diagnosis. Answers to questions somewhatlike mine, on this site and others, suggest tie rod ends, control arms, lube the sway bar bushings, silicon spray the bushing, upper strut mount and wheel bearings. Thanks.

Usually creaking is rubber on metal, like sway bar or a-arm bushings there are also mounting bushing for power steering, shocks and spring pads. Lubricate the everything till it stops. I have a 96 4x4 1/2 ton suburban with 165,000 and I just keep the radio turned up and as long as I don’t feel it I don’t worry about.