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Camry 2002 Stalls when stop during winter

Hi Everyone. I am facing issue with my Camry 2002. I am from Toronto and experience the issue only in winter. During Summer I didn’t face the problem so I thought problem is resolved. However Since November 2015 it stall sometimes on red lights. It starts immediately with the next ignition. My mechanic suggested to replace temperature sensor so I replaced. Problem is still same. So following are my observations

  1. Only in winter time
  2. Happened when it is driven by 30Kms
    3)Provide some jerks like looking for Gas/ oxygen
  3. Started immediately and I can smell the gas after the start

Appreciate if someone suggest any remedy


30 Kms? do you mean at a speed of 30 km/hour ? or driven a distance of 30 km (19 miles) ?

Driven Distance around 30KM

Did your mechanic do any diagnostic tests? If not, why not?
How many kilometers does the car have?
Have you neglected any maintenance? Is it ALL up to date?
Do you have a Check Engine Light illuminated?

It sound like the engine is having trouble staying rich enough when it’s cold out. Sans diagnostics, the guess your mechanic made was a good guess. The problem might actually end up being a bad ECU, a bad mass-airflow sensor, a weak fuel pump, a bad upstream oxygen sensor, or loss of any of a number of the signals that the ECU needs to meter the fuel properly. It could even be gummed up fuel injectors.

We could give you a long list of parts to change until you stumble on the correct part, but that could get expensive in a hurry. It really isn’t the way to go. My recommendation is to bring it to a reputable shop, tell them as much about the symptoms as you can, and let them properly diagnose it.