Crazy Behavior from a '92 Buick

My '92 Buick Regal sometimes is hard to start. The battery, sparkplugs, and all are super strong, but somehow the signal often isn?t making it through.

Yesterday, I turned the key about 20 times before it fired up. Could the ignition switch be bad? Is this something easily tested?

Also consider this?often when it does not start, I click the door locks, and then it starts on the first try following. On one occurrence though, I clicked the door locks, turned the key and the windows rolled down (seriously).

Unrelated to starting the car, it also has the acceleration issue whereby I could cruise down the highway for 50 miles without touching the accelerator. It just goes. Is a bad computer perhaps to blame for these issues? The TPS monitor has been replaced. This did not help.

Cars are not my specialty.



Oh, and the check engine light is not on – if that matters.

Yes, start with the ignition switch, as they are known to be less than reliable in most of the early 90’s GM products.