Crashed engine!


Usually belts don’t slip. They break. A worn timing chain is more likely to slip.


I’ve already had it towed out of the dealership, currently sitting in my driveway. if I have it repaired it’s going to be at my trust gas station not at the dealer, but I’ve yet to decide that’s worth doing.

very unhappy about this whole situation and the unwillingness of volvo to take responsibility for what is clearly a design defect.

If somebody had told me something like this could happen to a car sold in the US in the 21st century, before it happened to mine, I not have believed them. File under: you just can’t make shit like this up.


it didn’t slip, it “skipped a few beats”, supposedly, according to the dealer. the whole thing is completely ridiculous.


Wow, shadowfax, way to kick them when they’re down, with your pedantic attitude. Noice.


I’m sorry, who are you?

If you’ll read really careful like, you’ll see that I was pointing out that the story he says he was told doesn’t necessarily add up and the people telling him the story might not be right about what they’re telling him.


The story doesn’t quite add up for me either. If this were truly a design problem then s60s would be dropping like flies.

Maybe the serpentine belt (which was 7 years old) should have been replaced a few years ago. Any 7 year old serpentine belt is suspect at an age before that.

Many car manufacturers, tire manufacturers, and various safety groups say tires older than 6 years old should not be used. Why should belts be any different…