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Volvo in vain or insane

Where do I even begin. Long ago and far away I began trying to get my car fixed. Last Dec. to be exact. Check Engine code P0015 just won’t go away. Continuous symptoms are rough starting and sluggish pick up. I have been through two mechanics and a laundry list of fixes and car just keeps getting worse.(First mech.,20+ years in the biz. Second, a Volvo dealership) First mech. did a complete timing belt change (including water pump, etc). Then a Variable Valve Timing Oil Control Solenoid. That produced a misfire on #3 Cyl. So they changed the spark plugs, ignition coils and wires. Code still wouldn’t go away. Mech. said he would next try the timing gear, but it was only a guess. I mentioned to him my research indicated the timing belt might not have been timed right. He looked under the hood and said it was timed right. So I decided to take it to Volvo for a second opinion. They said they agreed with me, seemed like it wasn’t timed right. They would have to take it all apart to find out for sure. Result; it was one tooth off. (The first mechanic did refund me my $ for his timing belt repair.) I happily drove away thinking I was all set. I took it for its inspection, and it fails emissions and safety because I am told my rear coil spring is broken (it was, I saw it). The inspection garage thinks maybe it didn’t pass emissions because I need to drive it more for all the codes to reset from the repair. As I am driving it around the next few days, the Check Engine light comes on again, P0015. (It is now springtime) Volvo mech. said he would now try the Oil Pan Seals because he was seeing air in the oil. And he says, “BTW there is a recall on your Catalytic Converter”. (Why the first mechanic didn’t know this when I asked him about recalls I’ll never know) I had Volvo replace it, after all it was a recall. Every time I have been to each garage I describe my car as starting rough. So I asked AGAIN, "so is any of this the cause of it starting rough? After all this time in and out of these shops Volvo finally looks into that part of the problem and says they know for SURE this is due to my needing a new Fuel Pressure Regulator. With this laundry list of problems & mysteries, I decide it is time for me to get rid of this car. I have been driving it around so I can shop for cars. A week ago the check engine light goes out, I get it home and the next day it won’t start. There is juice, the engine turns over but never “catches” to get to a full start and run. I problem solve it with a back yard mechanic friend of mine. We decide it is probably the Fuel Pressure Regulator that had been diagnosed. This morning we replace it (ourselves). Did I mention I learned how to replace my own Rotors & Brake Pads? Those needed replacing too. At this point I have to start saving some $ learning how to do what I can myself. Including new tires, I have poured $3+k into this car. I had intended to sell it privately. At this point, I just want to get it to start so I can drive it into the dealership for a trade rather than having it towed in (how pitiful). Anyway, back to the story…the new Regulator didn’t fix it. We got it to turn over and when I turned the car off the fan kept going. My friend said, “you can turn the car off now” and I said, “I did” and held the keys up to show him. As we both watched the fan continue to turn! It won’t stay idling w/o your foot on the gas. Our test drive caused the Dynamic Stability Assistance light to go on. But I think this was due to how it had to be driven to keep it running while we test drove. We think maybe the “brain” of the car is fried? How can this be happening to a 2001 Volvo that has been maintained and garaged its entire life? How can all of these “good” mechanics keep guessing the solution? Can it really be true I stand to gain virtually nothing for this shiny, barely eight year old Volvo? What is the most fiscally feasible decision to make at this point? The thought I could be looking at a total loss from this situation is just too much for me to bear both in my pocketbook and my heart.

As a former Volvo owner it is time to punt! As soon as you get it running unload it. If you can’t get it running trade it in for another Volvo, perhaps a lease. Save some money when the lease is up buy another car, not a Volvo. After owning a Volvo I would only own another that was covered under the mfg warranty. Old Volvo’s are money pits. Any Volvo over 5 years old is an old Volvo.