Crankshaft pulley won't come off!

I’m currently trying to replace the crankshaft seal on a chevy s-10 1996 but the crankshaft pulley won’t come off! I got the pulley wheel off but the part that spins it won’t come off. I’ve tried using a harmonic bolt puller but it doesn’t seem to be removing it. Any ideas?

You have the big center bolt out, right? Now you’re trying to use a harmonic balancer removal puller and the balancer won’t break free?

If yes to above, this is the job I first discovered B’laster PB. Stuck balancer on 454 BBC. Broke tools on it. Friend came by and said try this. Sprayed it down and drank a beer. Spritz again and it came off with hand ratchet alone. Been using that stuff ever since. Deep Creep works as well.


Yeah that’s whats happening! Ima have to buy me a a can of that!

The beer break is critical part of process :grin: the penetrant needs time to get between the parts. Spray lightly at first and watch it crawl into the joint. After I did mine and got it off, the entire end snout of the crank was wet.


Torch on hub. You are changing seal. So what’s the issue?

Even overnight in some hard cases when you are tired and about to make a mistake. Best practice calls for beer intake to NOT be proportional to wait time.

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You want to also replace the balancer? Most have rubber coupling…