Crankshaft pulley balancer won't come off!

We’re trying to replace the seal on the crankshaft pulley but the balancer won’t come off. We tried a harmonic bolt puller and used PB blaster to kill any rust. Anyone have a similar problem?

Oxy acelylene torch applied to the balancer hub usually does the trick. Might melt the balancer’s rubber, too. But that us the way csr work goes sometimes.

If you lack an acetlylene torch as most people do you might try one of those portable plumber’s torches. They’re cheap and should put out enough heat to pop frozen metal loose. As mentioned, it may ruin the balancer rubber but since this is an aged truck the balancer is likely due for replacement anyway.

Last thing in the world you want is for a wobbly balancer to take out the crankshaft nose.