Crankshaft position sensor, where are you?

I want to replace the crankshaft position sensor on my 2000 Buick Century Limited 3.1 L.For quick help, I watched a few youtube videos but there were different types of sensors used there. One had an arc shape with screw holes at each end, mounted under the crankshaft pulley. Another type was cylindrical, sealed with an O-ring and held into the engine block with a clamp that straddled the body of the sensor. I didn’t watch all of that video, as it didn’t let me know if it would for sure pertain to my specific car. Might anyone know what the crankshaft position sensor looks like on my car and where it is located?


Thanks for this video, tester

Interesting that the 3.1-liter engine uses two crankshaft position sensors.

The PCM uses input from the crankshaft position sensor located at the front of the engine to compute ignition timing at engine speeds less than 1200 rpms.

The crankshaft position sensor located in the block is used to determine rpm, crankshaft position, injector timing and to compute ignition timing at engine speeds greater than 1200 rpms.

Thanks for this info, I had no clue. Amazon only seemed to offer one, the one shaped like an arc, behind the crankshaft serpentine belt pulley.

I now am told there are two sensors, yet the video here only mentions the one that is arc shaped behind the crankshaft serpentine belt pulley.