1989 Chevy Cavalier crankshaft position sensor location?

My car has a 2.0 - 4 cylinder engine. Can anyone help me pin point this exceedingly elusive sensor? I spent hours in, on, under, and around my engine trying to find this sensor to no avail. I know it should be located by the coils toward the harmonic balancer but I could not see it. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

I believe the sensor is mounted under the ignition module, the coils are mounted on top. Unbolt the module and remove it, the sensor will come out of the block with the module.

Wiley is correct. The crank sensor is attached to the ignition module. Remove the three bolts holding the coil and module to the block and remove.

Thanks for the answer. I’ll give it a go in couple of days and report back. Thanks again!

Well you were both partially right and thanks again for your help!! I have the 2.0 OHV (Not OHC) 4 cylinder and I did have to remove the coil packs and ignition module (The module and coil packs were held on with the same 4 bolts) to get to the sensor, but the sensor was about 1 inch lower on the block than than the ignition module (not underneath it) and was bolted separately to the engine. Unfortunately the sensor came apart, flush with the block, when I tried to pry it out. Now unfortunately it looks like I will have to push the remains into the block and retrieve them from the oil pan. Dropping the oil pan and everything associated is way beyond my tools and time so I’ll have to take this to a local mechanic.

On a side note for anyone with the same issue the 4 bolts holding the module and coil packs on they use a 5.5mm socket and the bolt holding the sensor was an 8mm socket.