Crank Shaft sensor

My sister has a PT Cruiser 2003, manual, 4 cylinder, 7,000 miles. The whole clutch, ignition and something to do with shift have been replaced - some were recall items but she did not know that when she had the work done. Anyway…

She had been having problem with the car with the engine light coming on followed by excessive bucking. She finally put the car in the shop. The folks said the diagnostics incdicated that the problem was with the crank shaft sensor and not the crank shaft itself. So my sister got her car back from shop and everything was ok for a couple of days. But then the other night she is in bumper to bumper traffic, the light come on and the car bucks again.

The mechanic maintains all’s ok for now but my sister has to go to critical meetings and this is her only mode of transportation.

What is your reaction to diagnosis, liklihood of future damage to car, guiess at other cause for bucking.

The trouble may be due to a bad speed sensor.

The bucking is caused by engine misfire. The codes for misfire are P0300 to P00104 for the 4 cylinder. There can be a number of causes for misfire. The shop can follow the troubleshooting charts to find out the cause(s).

If you can post the computer codes. Is the mileage really 7000? The shop should have already fixed this. Does she trust these folks cause I dont know if they are worth it.

Sorry - the mileage is 71,000. Don’t have access to computer codes. She does trust them, I guess, but should she?

I’m going to forward this info to her. Thanks.

I’ll give her this info.