Crank sensor

Hey i was wondering my buick a 1995 lasbre it cranks up fine and the engine light comes on and off when i start driving it cuts off and cranks right back up people say its the crank sensor please let me know

If it was your crank sensor it would most likely try to tell you this…YOur vehicle is an OBDI car…and while not as verbose as OBDII you can still read the computer codes. A sensor failure would be recorded in the log… Read up on how to get your car to tell you what code it has. The engine light coming on is an indicator that the computer found something.

ALso maybe its electrical…does it shut down as if you turned off your key? If so a faulty ignition switch or relay could cause this. This one is hard to figure from where I am…If I were there I would also be noticing if the fuel pump were still running when it konked out and I would also be noticing many other things that you can only do while there. Is your dash still lit up after shutdown or is it dead?