Car Problem

Hey i have a 1995 buick Lasbre and my engine light is on my car would cut off every once and a while. but when it does it cranks right back up like its a sortage in the wires people say it is an electrical problem i thought it was my crank sensor but my car has never had a problem cranking up it sounds wonderful when it cranks up so whats my problem

Hard to tell, how about a little more info on the car, mileage, last time plugs, wires, fuel filter changed. Has any one read the code # for the check engine light? Lots of parts stores will check that for free, post the code here and folks will be able to give you some help. The crank sensor looks for the position of the crank shaft, unrelated to cranking when starting.

Your crank sensor has not a thing to do with getting the engine to crank. It just keeps track of where the crank shaft is in rotation so that the computer knows when to fire plugs and injectors. The short story is that a bad crank sensor - or crank sensor wiring - means no spark or fuel. Get the codes - but your system is probably OBD1 and the parts stores won’t be able to help. Search the web for how to pull your own codes. I used to have a link but can’t find it.

Haven’t you posted about this before? Find your original post and stay in it. Otherwise this turns into everyone chasing their tails.

There are a couple of potential problems that could cause your car to do this, and they are the two that come to my mind because these engines are sort of notorious for it. One of them is indeed your crank sensor. Your car uses a combination 3X and 32X sensor, which performs the tasks of both a crank sensor and a cam sensor. They do go bad rather frequently on the engine that is in your car. The wiring for the sensor can go bad as well, so be sure to check that as well. The other possibility is the ignition module. You can remove it and physically inspect it. Sometimes they will actually melt apart and cause the symptoms you describe. A parts store may be able to test it for you, as well. The only problem is that they can be bad and test good if they have not fully failed. A good scan tool would help a lot in diagnosing this issue as it can read what the 3X and 32X sensors are doing.