2000 4 cylinder pre-runner toyota truck w/165thousand miles

what i know: i’ve been told by a toyota dealer that my exhaust manifold has a crack. they estimate a cost of approx $700 to replace.


1. eventually i would like to replace it - but what timeline do i have to replace it because $700 is alot for me - should it be done immediately (safety reasons? environmental reasons? fuel consumption?) or can i wait - and for how long - before i replace it. is the price reasonable?

2. also - i bought the truck with zero miles and it purred like a “happy kitten” - smooth - and so i pay close attention to any and all noises my truck makes (i’m a bit compulsive) and there’s this “gurggggling” sound that it makes when i’m accelerating especially when i start it - could it be caused by the manifold being cracked? the dealer has found NOTHING else that could be contributing to this noise or they don’t know and so it’s leaving me wondering where that noise is coming from? it gurggles when i accelerate (not an annoying sound but i notice it because i have been the only owner) and it dissipates after a long drive -

Find yourself a good independent mechanic. The exhaust manifold runs about $150.00 aftermarket. It can be found here:
Labor shouldn’t be more than $150.00 (2hrs. @ 75.00/hr).
The noise you are hearing is most likely the exhaust leak.

Do you have-at the very least-the Haynes manual for your truck???

Have you looked at the procedure for replacing the exhaust manifold in said Haynes manual??

Does it look like an OUCH 700 dollar job?

Replacing the passenger side exhaust manifold on my 87 Ranger V-6 was a bit of a pain, but certainly NOT a 700 dollar job.

On your 4 cylinder, i would think this would be a fairly simple job.

Yes, that ticking sound that you’re hearing is the leaky exhuast manifold

BTW, I got the manifold at the wrecking yard & had it machined flat at the local machine shop.

Total cost was around 30 bucks & a couple hours of my time to install it.

Agree with other posts that you should shop around, but get it fixed soon. Exhaust gasses under your hood find their way into the cab, and are deadly. I’ve never heard of a pre runner, I assume you have a 4Runner, one of the best machines made. They are standard equipment in the Australian Outback, and have replaced Land Rovers, Jeeps and other traditional vehicles.

The PreRunner is a version of the Tacoma pickup.

Thanks. I’m into trucks too much, so I’m not up to date.