Cracked bumper cover on 1999 Buick Century

There is a crack in my rear bumper about three to four inches long. The lights all work and it appears to just be a crack in the bumper cover. I just need the car to last until August, do I have to repair it? Will it get worse?

No and No.


It depends how wide the crack is, and its position relative to the edge of the bumper cover. Best to get a pro assessment if you aren’t sure. You don’t want a section of it falling off when you go over a bump and damaging the car behind you, or causing an accident.

There is a repair technique known as plastic fusion that permanently fix plastic parts like bumper covers dashboards etc. Its like welding but on plastics.

I wouldn’t bother unless it really bugs you or gets worse or there’s some business reason. You might be able to apply some tape of a similar color to close up the hole; that would reduce the likelihood of stuff getting in there (mud and the like) and the crack growing. In a past car I used black electrical tape on a busted black side mirror for years. I just had to replace the tape every year or two.

Gorilla Tape.