Crack internal to widndshield glass

I just returned from a trip to Lake Tahoe two days ago. The weather there was in the low 20’s with snow and later freezing rain. This morning I noticed a crack about 4 inches long in the lower center of the window. I thought the window might have been hit by a rock (I remember hearing something hit the window during the three days in Tahoe), but the crack cannot be felt on either the inside or outside of the glass. Rather, it almost seems as if the crack is INSIDE of the glass itself. Is this possible? Can windshield glass cracks occur INTERNAL to the glass?

Do you know if an internal windshield crack would be covered by comprehensive insurance?

Anything is possible. I would suggest you contact your insurance company. Modern windscreens are part of the safety design and a crack may negate this. Your insurance company may replace it for free (and without any punitive rate increase).

Yes, it’s possible to see a crack you can’t feel.

A rock chip that’s barely visible can expand into a long crack under the right conditions. Vibration or big temperature swings can do it, and if the chip was near the outer edge it’s very easy for a crack to form.

You’re probably going to need a new windshield, since a crack that big usually can’t be repaired.

Call your insurance agent and inquire about coverage for this.