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CR-V + AC = frustration

When highway driving with the AC on, on a slight incline, my CRv hesitates, and you really have to “punch” the accelerator to maintain speed, which in turn causes a very noticable increase. It’s almost like there’s a dead spot in the accelerator. Am I destined to just live with this, or can it be remedied?

We need WAY more info, year of CRV, mileage, Service history… You have to give us details for us to be able to help

My apologies. I assumed some of that would come from my profile.

2010 CR-V AWD. It’s been in for one oil change, and is just about due for a second. No other maintenance or servicing has been needed. Mileage is around 18K, I believe.

Oh dear… 1 oil change on a 2010 with 18K
Is it a V6 or 4 cyl?
A noticeable increase in what? RPM?

Have you had the dealer look at it, the car is in warranty… it could be normal or not, what do they say?

PS one oil change in 18K is a bad idea, and yes I know the oil life monitoring system can go 9000 with out saying you need an oil change… I personally don’t trust that.

Wow, you’re on a fast track to ruining your engine. If I were you I’d ignore the “maintenance minder” idiot light and change the oil every 3000-5000 miles.

The OP is correct in following the MM and getting oil changes at ~10K miles. His miles should be “easy” miles, otherwise the system would call for an earlier oil change. The car uses 0W-20 synthetic oil and Honda is very specific on the intervals. You guys could check the CRV forums and bobistheoilguy forums and will see there is no report of engine failure or damage so far.

The AC takes power out of the engine. I was told that one option is to turn OD off on inclines, this would keep your 5 speed transmission in the 3rd gear (not the 4th gear which is what 99.9% of cars would do with the OD off). It is a less than perfect solution to me.

When you “punch” the accelerator that temporarily cuts off the AC compressor, so less drag on motor from the AC and more power to move the car. The CR-V is actually a pretty heavy car so it could be something you have to live with. If you are in hilly mountains and live in a high altitude area (ie Denver) that would show up this lack of power even more.

If you have an OD (overdrive) on and off button you might need to turn off the OD in some situations. Otherwise you can downshift the transmission “manually” for more power when needed. The dealer can check the motor to be sure it is running at full power.

As you can see, there is a wide range of opinions of oil changes.

I think we can all agree that doing anything less than the recommendations that came with the car when new is the absolute minimum for any driver or driving conditions. 

I also will note that cars and oils have changed since I was a kid.  Often you will see responses based on the engines and oils that were available 55 years ago when I got my driver's license and drove my father's Corvair.  

Modern cars and oils are far better than they were back then.  

Also remember that many owner's manuals will list a "severe" service schedule that usually recommends more service than "normal" service.  Many of us qualify for that "severe" service schedule. 

I doubt if your car and driving conditions would call for the same maintenance schedule as mine would.

Question for all the old timers here.  How often have you seen oil related damage to an engine when the recommended maintenance had been performed?

@galant your right, so fat so good, but that’s what the mini owner from a few days ago said as well, untill her motor blew with just under 100k on it. My feelings are just because the oil CAN last 10k does not mean it should. An extra $40 every 3 or 4 months is cheap insurance.

@JosephEMeehan; this car does not have a maintenance schedule, the older models that were identical have one. The Maintenance Minder is supposed to track your start/stop/speed etc and decide if your driving is severe or not. On my first 4000 miles it decided that 850 miles=10% of oil life. I think it did a pretty good job actually, because of ~70/30% Fwy vs local driving.

@gsragtop; Couldn’t agree more. In my case I changed it at 4000 miles because it had been a year and actually the MM does NOT track that, just the manual mentions it somewhere. Even the service writer at the dealer kept arguing with me that I am early. This was a rare instance that I used the dealer to change my oil and that was only for the warranty. I think I will do 6-7K miles if I drive that much in a year.

My point was not to harp on the OP and attribute all his problems to “delay in oil change”.

@UncleTurbo; You are correct about the OD-see my post. The only thing that annoys me is dropping to 3rd gear rather than 4th. This is a 5 Speed transmission and I like to have control over the gears if I have to.