Covid 19 Pick up and Delivery Fee

We need some work done on our 2010 Volvo and I am the only one able to drive at this time.

The Volvo dealer is going to pick up and bring back for a 25.00 fee . That is a bargain for practicing safe contact.


We have been offering no-contact pick up and delivery for free since April.

We have been offering free pick up and delivery since, well, always.

Sounds like the dealer is charging for a service that independent shops have considered normal business procedure for a long time.

That’s nice. We are lucky enough to use a free courtesy shuttle. The dealership has someone sanitizing everything, not sure about the courtesy van though.

The dealer also has a shuttle service but for 25.00 I don’t have to ride with a complete stranger .

Also it is a 45 minute drive to the dealer so 25.00 seems more than fair .


I agree that it’s a reasonable fee for a very helpful service. Depending on your needs they could probably deliver and pick up a rental car at the same time, maybe even for less money.