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2020 Volvo XC40 - Can't get one

I am trying to buy a black Volvo XC40(not in your model list) Inscription T5 AWD fully loaded. I have been trying since right after Thanksgiving and been given dates when it would be in. Then it is another date. The latest the dealership manager said he would have something I liked the next day (Saturday). When I called it was not in. I have not heard since. If the car really is in Sweden as he once said, why can’t he just be straight with me. If there is not another one in the US, then I have to make a choice to wait or choose a similar car by another maker. What do you think? I live in Altadena, CA. Thanks!

I think a forum will be of no help . Try another dealer because the dealer might not even know what they are going to get until it actually ships.

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I think I’d buy a Mazda CX-5 today off a dealer lot. Here’s a review if interested.

I think I’d tell the dealer to get you one in 3 weeks or you will buy another model from another dealer.

Your dealer knows where every car that is available is located. He knows, to some extent, which cars are being built. Computers can do that.

He is messing with you trying to get you to buy what he can GET, not what you WANT.


I think you should special order it. If the closest dealer won’t do it, then go to another dealer. There have to be plenty in LA Metro. I have a friend at work that couldn’t find the new Volvo he wanted, and he special ordered it. There is no extra charge for special orders. You might pay MSRP, but you save the dealer plenty when he doesn’t pay carrying charges while the other cars they order sit on the lot.

One more thing: my friend with the Volvo wanted a 2019 but couldn’t find it on dealer’s lot. His special order was for a 2020. I suspect that the OP could still take delivery on her Volvo even though they are built in Belgium. They are likely still shipping them to the USA.

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OK , not going to state that the Black Stone color is what this person wants . But a simple web search shows 4 in Pasadena , Ca. I did not look to see what features they had but it seems that Carol is not even trying to find what she wants. And it only a short drive and there must be other Volvo dealers within a reasonable distance.
Maybe the AWD is the problem but why would you need that in southern Ca.

Because you are never far from the mountains and snow in Southern California. And if you don’t have 4 wheel or all wheel drive and it is snowing in the mountains you may be forced to buy chains and pay to have them put on. Happened to my wife’s cousin’s son who grew up in the LA area. He told me the chains did not seem to help at all. He also didn’t know anything about car and neither did the guy who put the chains on because they put them on the front wheels of his early, rear drive Mazda MPV.

Looking on there’s one at Volvo South Bay or flying into Scottsdale Arizona and driving it home from that dealer. Roughly 44 in that color/trim on in the entire U.S.

Your dealer may have tried to trade for the one at South Bay and failed,

Going into the mountains from the east side, Lancaster, CA, law enforcement required 4WD vehicles to have chains.

I have looked in Pasadena, Calabasas and Santa Monica and they do not have xc40 inscription in black with black they said. How are you finding these? I finally went with a car broker. She hasn’t found one either. Ordering takes 3 to 4 months they told me. We do have mountains in California so awd is nice when on dirt roads in mountains.

You never said you wanted black exterior and interior . And you want to drive an expensive black vehicle on dirt roads ? Ok , fine.

If that is the wait time, why not order it? You might wait even longer for one to show up.

The dealer’s strategy I expect is to get you all excited at the prospect your new --car configured exactly as you like — has arrived at their lot. This in order to entice you to the lot. At which point they’ll show you a new car which is similar to what you want. They probably trucked it there from another dealership. But it will not be the exact car & options you wanted. Dealers are experts at selling psychology and they know if they can get you excited at the idea of driving a new car, once you see it you’ll still probably compromise & write the check so you can drive away in a new car that day.

And you know what? It might be a good thing; probably makes sense for you to compromise rather than awaiting perfection.

I’ve been using Carguru’s and so far. You can narrow it down to a particular trim level and color.

Does Volvo have a build your own function on their website? Other manufacturers have this, then a let us find it for you option.

I answered my own question-they do have a build your own, but will send the request to a Volvo dealer.

Quicker than never finding it and a lot easier than searching the Western US for it.

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If that car is the one your heart is set on then just be patient and wait it out. It’s not the end of the world,.

Back in the 80s Honda Accords were so popular there was a 7 month waiting list. Put into perspective…