Covering 1996 Miata scratches

My black Miata has numerous scratches. The body shop guy says they are too expensive to re-paint and too deep to buff out (I tried buffing them anyway-he is correct). The other day I was at the supermarket, a guy comes over to me, gives me his card, and tells me he can fill in the scratches for $200. Is there a new product out that will do this or is this the same old wax scam? Thanks.

Have the guy explain what he is going to do. If he has a black colored wax product he is applying for $200 tell him forget it. It may look OK when he is done but it will wash off after a while. Besides, you can buy colored wax your self for far less than $200.

If he is filling the scratches with a paint product - like Dr Color Chip - by all means give it a try. I have used this product and it does work with rock chips and scratches.

If that is HIS opinion, ask him for an estimate and make your own decision. I’d suggest checking around. There are lower cost paint shops, like MAACO, that can do a presentable job for reasonable money.