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Courtesy lights come on in the middle of the night

My 2001 Chrysler Concorde courtesy lights come on mysteriously in the middle of the night? I put my slippers on and open and lock the doors and they go out okay but pop on again. Is this a short in the wiring harness to one of the doors?? Can I fix it myself? Can I pull a fuse and still operate the car? My battery is completely drained when I fly out of town.

It might be. It might also be in the button switch on one of the door jams that detects that the door is opened and turns on th elight for you. The door jam switch is where I’d look first.

I’ve seen this happen before on other vehicles. This can be caused from a defective light control module or a defective body control module. Your vehicle has a body control module. If you cut power to the body control module none of the other interior lights will work. So the fix is to replace the body control module.