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Courtesy lights in my '96 Bonneville

The courtesy lights do not go out after I put the key in the ignition and start the car as they once did. Occasionally they will fade out out while driving, but will come back on again. This suggests a bad connection to the control relay. The question is where is it? The battery does not get run down because another control automatically shuts down any lights etc in the car if there is no action for 7 - 10 minutes. During the day this issue isn’t a problem: only at night. I have a piece of duct tape over the lights just above my head!!! Can you suggest where I can locate the relay and if that isn’t the problem where else should I be looking?

I bought this car new in '96. It has essentially been trouble free.

Does this vehicle have a courtesy light (rheostat) switch to control the dim/bright function?

The trouble could be with the control module for the lights but it could also be with one of the door switch circuts. I suggest you get a manual with a good wiring diagram to help you with this. It will be a big help with troubles like this and as the car gets older.

Yes there is a rheostat on the console but that only controlsd the brightness of the instrument display.