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Could someone help to locate a mechanic named Roger Burks

We are looking for this mechanic, Roger Burks, who used to work in Manteca, California. If anyone has information about where he is working now would be appreciated. Best.

Is This For A “Good” Reason Or Something “Bad”?

Was he a “super mechanic” or did you just find out he put oatmeal in your transmission and pepper in your raditator and charge you for a rebuilt transmission and a new radiator? Some people don’t want to be accomplices to either the repairs or the homicide. IRS? FBI? Alimony?

I guess it is a “Bad” reason. He rented my house and did not pay rent for four months and damaged property costing $4000. The court needs to locate him to serve him.

Can you enlighten us as to what makes this relevant to be posted in the “Repair and Maintenance” section of a discussion forum?

isn’t the internet amazing in it’s usefulness? and why anonymity it precious!

just fabulous the info you can find out there.

now for the serious answer.

web site called “” or some spelling variant. for $30.00 you can pay to find just about anyone in the world.

but it ain’t free… like the info on this website!

This is an automobile forum. If you need information on timing belts or if you should use premium gas in your car or not, this is the place to ask. However this is not the appropriate place to air your domestic squabbles.

The name sounds like an alias, so his location may remain secret for some time. This makes me think of a new TV show. America’s Somewhat Wanted. Puppy the Reward Seeker. Cat the Stealth Finder. Carp the Flounder Finder. Now I’m starting to get silly.

This is an automotive repair and maintenance forum. Even if I knew Roger Burks, I would not reveal his location without verifying your story. You should try more traditional means of locating him. This kind of tactic isn’t going to work.

How about The Hunt for America’s Enabled?

Really, I can see blaming Mr. Burks for missing one month’s rent, but why wasn’t he evicted at that point? Why was he allowed to accumulate another three months of back rent? wengx001, I don’t really want to know. These are rhetorical questions.

Mr./Ms. Wenqx001, Please Do Me A favor.

Should you be successful in locating Mr. R. Burks, would you please ask him if he has ever used a Gates “Krikit” belt tensioning guage for adjusting the tension on ribbed serpentine, accessory, and FEAD belts and get his thoughts on it’s functions, features, value, and accuracy?

Thanking you in advance,

going a little to far.their must be another website that is more sutied to your problems

Write to Dr. Phil, he’s got an ex-FBI investigator who finds what he wants.

FYI, this is an automotive forum not a ‘kin ya katchem’ site. Frank Ahearn, skip tracer. Interesting URL, he even tells you how he does it. No, wait, his partner skip traces. Frank tells you how to disappear. But, he also tells you how to skip trace.

You will not get your money. You can bet on that.

I’ve Got It!

Roger Burks is a “code” name.

Roger backwards = regor, as in “rigor mortis”.
Burks backwards = skrub, as in the TV show “Scrubs”, you know hospitals, doctors, etcetera.

Roger Burks = “death doctor”

He wasn’t a mechanic at all! He was a doctor! A pathologist or coroner!
Check medical files. That’s where you’ll find him!