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Could it be bad gas?

Just yesterday I filled my 75 F150 up with gas to go take it on a little cruise since it was a nice day. I got about nine miles and all of a sudden I felt a little misfire, which just kept getting worse and worse. Then it started back-firing very bad and then it just died on the side of the road. We tried to restart it and whenever we would smoke would come out the top of the carberator. Now that it sat it starts but whenever I start it it runs very very rough and has absolutley no power, not even enough to move it, it just chokes off and dies. If anyone knows of any ideas on what this could be it would be greatly appreciated!!

Check for a jumped timing chain.


Water in fuel??? IDK, bad spark plugs, oil in fuel; Did they highlight and circle the problem(just kidding on that one)

Possibly fused points under the distributor.

If you find yourself ever getting around to replacing too many distributor components, there are pointless alternatives. That sounds strange, doesn’t it?:

Timing chain usually.