Truck backfired now it wont start

my 1973 Ford f-250 runs good! It has a new carb, new dist, plugs, wires, coil. It has been running fine.

yesterday i was almost out of gas, engine was cold, started up like normal, back fired and then died. Now i cant get it started.

Carb is getting gas, plugs have spark. just wont fire.maybe flooded? i pulled plugs they were wet. let dry out for 3 hrs. tried again. will not fire.

what else can i try??


Sounds like the timing chain could have jumped a tooth. For a start, pull out the #1 spark plug and rotate the engine by hand until you’re at TDC for the compression stroke and confirm that the distributor rotor is pointing at where the #1 plug wire goes into the distributor.

You are getting no action at all? no backfire, no attempt to start? does this truck use points? if yes get some new ones in ther before anything else. We on this side my remain unbiased towards the backfire.

Try a shot of starting fluid, hold the pedal to the floor and see if it will fire.

I agree. It sounds like the timing chain jumped time when it backfired. And when that happens, the ignition and valve timing will be off. So no matter how long you crank the engine, it just won’t start.


And my memory is fuzzy on this but didn’t the 70s era Fords use fiber coated timing gears?

If so, all the more reason to consider a timing chain problem. Bring the Number One cylinder to the top of the compression stroke, pop the dist. cap, and see where the rotor is pointing.

Is the timing chain easily accessible? I dont think so. i will check my repair manuel. thanks guys!