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Broken ford?

my ford f350 with a 460 motor will not run right when you drive it. it idles perfect but when you drive it down the road it spits and sputters like it isnt getting any gas. i replaced the fuel line, sending unit, fuel filters, fuel pump and i had someone professionally re-do the carb on it. any suggestions cuz im about out of ideas as to what could be wrong. please help me!

its a 1978 pickup by the way

I would check the timing chain.


If you have a holley carb, did they replace the power valve? (Research this, it is quite common and I think you have simular issues but I’m not the one looking at it) I’d suggest a compression/leakdown test, and even throw a good ol’ vacuum gauge on it to check for a possibly whiped out camshaft or other issues. Also check your ignition timing and set to within specs.