Could impact on driver's side cause control arm problems on right side

Hi all: My daughter had an accident where she hit someone with the front driver’s side of the car. The car was not drivable and we had it repaired. The fender was replaced as well as the wheel, left radiator side panel, left inner and outer tie rods, and the wheels were all aligned after the repair. When we got the car back, all seemed fine, except for a loud squeak coming from under the car. I took it back to the repair shop and they said it was a strut bushing in the rear that was unrelated to the accident. They said it was not dangerous. I took it last week to Subaru for a service check and asked them to check out the squeak. They reported that it was the right upper control arm and they also found a broken exhaust hanger. They don’t know if it’s related to the accident but said it could be. I called the insurance company and the adjustor is insisting that because it’s on the right side, it couldn’t possibly be related to an impact on the left side.

I’m getting frustrated because the squeak did not appear until after the accident. Does anyone know anything about this issue? If someone tells me that the adjustor is right, I will accept that, I just need a second opinion. Thank you!!

Not that the insurance company will care, but yes, I can see how a collision could damage parts on the right side of the car. Lots of forces happen, more that some components can handle, left or right side.

Yeah, it’s possible. I assume your daughter’s OK. Be thankful. Choose your battles wisely. Just fix it for a few hundred$$ and move on.

Accidents can cause all kinds of things, but without knowing the year and mileage of the vehicle it’s really sort of impossible to guess. And the insurance won’t care what I think anyway.

This is an affordable fix. I’d just get it repaired and move on. It isn’t worth stressing over.

Exhaust hanger, no.

Rt side damage, probably not but keep in mind we have not seen any pictures or details. Did the car get knocked into a curb, etc.

I’m not saying impossible, just unlikely. The insurance company should send out a reinspector to put an eye on it.

Keep in mind that the noise could have been there but…
1, not very audible and this made it louder.
2, already there but it is noticed now since you are looking for repair quality.
3, it just occurred, as in coincidence. Yes, it does happen.