Could anyone tell me how to remove these connectors?

These connectors connect the windshield fluid tank to the car battery. I went to an Auto shop long time ago to fix the windshield wiper, and someone put grease into these two connectors. I did not know this until I replaced my battery today.

The windshield fluid system has stopped working for almost a year since I left that Auto shop.I think it is because the grease in these connectors insulate them from the electricity.

These two connectors are filled up with grease right now. Does anyone know how to clean (I heard people said dipping them into gas would work) or remove them?

Thank you very much!

The car model is a 1998 Subaru Forester.

I attached two pictures to this. They will explain my problem a lot better.

Its most likely dielectric grease which is commonly used on bulbs, connections, spark plug boots, and so on to provide a good connection and prevent corrosion. I suspect that is not your problem but rather the washer pump itself.

Go to the parts store and purchase a can of aerosol brake parts cleaner.

Spray the connectors until all the grease is removed.


Are you talking about the stuff that sort of looks like vasoline? That might be dielectric grease or a connector lubricant/protector. If so, it wouldn’t likely be causing the non-functional ww sprayer problem. I’ve seen stuff that looks like that on connectors on my Corolla.

If your are suspicious of the grease, what I’d do is measure the voltage before and after the connector, see if it is getting through. If back-probing isn’t possible, sometimes I’ll use a small diameter pin to just poke through the insulation of the wire.

Dead determined to get rid of that stuff? Gasoline might work, but for that application it would be a little too dangerous I think. The fumes can concentrate and become an explosion hazard under the hood. I’d probably try some brake cleaner. If that didn’t work, next choice would be some electric contact cleaner in a spray can.

Get a voltmeter or indicator light and see if you’re getting 12V where needed. Like @Bing said, grease is commonly used in connections to reduce corrosion. I bet the problem is elsewhere, pump, switch, or wiring.

Hi guys! Just a quick follow up.

I want to say that you guys are all correct!

I used gasoline to clean the connectors first (yea… I did it very carefully), but the thing still doesn’t work. Then I watched a video on Youtube about how to troubleshoot the windshield water pump and I tried what they did and what GeorgySanJose said

I’ll use a small diameter pin to just poke through the insulation of the wire.

There are two washer pumps, a black one and a white one. I tested them individually and I finally confirmed that the black one fell. So it is the pump itself has problem. I am gonna go ahead and order a new one.

You guys are awesome! Thank you guys very much!