Could a Gear Shifter Cover burn out an ignition solenoid?

Is there something about a gear shift cover (specifically, this one: which would cause some kind of solenoid in a 2013 Chevy Impala to burn out which would make it so that after driving I could not turn the ignition all the way to off, and therefore not remove the key?

The gear cover is comfortable in my old car. But shortly after installing it, I could no longer get my key out. After $400 repair, mechanic said a solenoid had burned out. But after replacing the part, I still had problems, and returned to the mechanic. This time the mechanic said to take that gear cover off because it was causing the solenoid to burn out because the cover prevented me from moving the shifter all the way forward into park. But that’s not true. On the other hand, I’m nearly positive the shifter cover is the culprit. What could it be?

If you take it off, does the problem go away? If you re-install it does the problem come back? Then it is the cover… BUT…

I can’t see how that would cause your problem in any way.

Seems the mechanic is using it as an excuse for his failure to fix the cause of the solenoid burning out, in my opinion.


If I take it off, the problem doesn’t recur. I think the problem is that it’s burning out – that is, destroying – a solenoid. That is, if I put the cover on and leave it on for a couple of days, it burns out the solenoid. Then, taking the cover off won’t fix the problem because the solenoid is still burned out.

However, with the cover on, and a new solenoid installed, the problem recurred. Then, with another new solenoid (assuming the mechanic is being honest, which I think he is) and the cover off, the problem does not recur.

Is it possible, for instance, that the cover is keeping the button on the shifter depressed (or half depressed) which is wearing down the solenoid which keeps the key locked when the car is out of park? Then, when the solenoid burns out, I shift to park and it doesn’t release the key? Something like that.

For crying out loud throw that 12 dollar thing away . You seem to have proven that it may be the problem .


If you have proven that, leave the thing off. Pretty clear.

From your post, that does not seem to be definitive but I can’t see it, touch it or operate the shifter with this device so I can’t render a useful opinion as to WHY this may be true. Leave it off.

Right, pretty clear. My real goal is to find out exactly what’s happening. First, just out of curiousity. But also so I can adjust it or use a different cover. The shifter is cold in the winter and I drive many miles nowadays and it sometimes irritates my soft white-collar skin (yeah, I’m a crybaby, so what? :smiley: ).

There’s 2 in a pack… $6 thing! :smiley:

Gloves are the answer and if it is an automatic after you put it in drive you should not have to touch it for a while.


Yes, that is a very likely scenario.


Can you explain how this works? Or point me to an article? Or is it better at this point just to find a shifter cover (assuming I insist on having one) which doesn’t depress the button?

Cut a hole in that silly cover where the shift button is or move to Florida .





if pushing the button on the shifter in activates the solenoid that is burning out, and your cover doesn’t let the button return all the way to it’s natural unpressed state (even if this doesn’t happen every single time,) then yes- this cover could burn up said solenoid.

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Right. The remaining question is, does pressing that button wear out the solenoid?

Given the very probable connection with the $400 solenoid repair–coupled with the very low price of that aftermarket accessory–I think that you are making this much more complex than it needs to be.

As was previously suggested by a different forum member, either buy a pair of gloves or cut a hole in that shift lever cover so that it can’t possibly put pressure on the release button.


what is probable is that the cover is trapping the normal heat generated by the solenoid and the excess temperature is causing the solenoids to burn out. Leave the cover off.



And, simply buy a pair of gloves.

However, this ongoing melodrama makes me wonder if the OP is one of those people who rests his hand (contrary to all logic…) on the shift lever while driving. If the OP’s concern is the cold temperature of the shift lever when he starts the car, that would seem to be a “problem” of only a second or two… unless he is resting his hand on the shift lever while driving… and that leads to the inevitable question of… WHY?


There is a solenoid in the shifter knob :question: Still a stupid/useless accessory.

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the solenoid is at the base of the shifter lever, and prevents the shifter from moving out of park unless the brake is depressed.

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So that cover is actually not even close to the solenoid.

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