Cost to replace exhaust

I drive a 2004 Nissan Pathfinder. A few weeks ago, I saw that my tailpipe was so rusted off that I could effortlessly pull it off of my car. The system is rusted, I had to drive it one or two times before taking it into the shop and it’s been making a lot of “clanking” noises. Brought it to the shop a few days ago, and just got an estimate that it will be almost $800 to replace the exhaust (rusted out beyond the catalytic converter)… Is this a reasonable price?

I would get a second and maybe a third opinion from an independent muffler shop. I think you can do much better on the price.

I got a dual exhaust system with two mufflers put on my Grandmother’s LTD for $200 a couple of years ago. Of course this was with mild grade galvanized steel pipe, not the stainless steel grade that newer cars use in their exhaust systems. Like suggested above, I’d get second and maybe third opinions from other shops. If the stainless steel exhaust is that rusted out, I’d worry about other potential rust areas on the suspension, frame, and, most importantly, brake lines that are not stainless steel.

My guess is that the system qutoed to you was a stainless steel system. They last forever, but you could save money by going with a steel system like youor original. But either way it’s gonna cost some cash.

If you are keeping this vehicle for more than two years then I would drop the big dollars on the stainless steel, OEM style exhaust. If you are just looking for a couple of more years then a regular steel exhaust with a one year warranty on the pipes will be fine (and much cheaper).

Stainless steel is a lot more expensive. But it lasts a lot longer too. It depends on how much longer you’re going to keep the vehicle. Companies like Walker carry a galvanized system for much less, but expect to replace it in about 4-5 years. The stainless steel should last another 10-15 years.