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2006 Scion xA - Stick with Stainless Exhaust or go regular?

My 2006 Scion xA with nearly 85,000 miles on it has a stainless steel exhaust. It is getting a little noisy and needs to be repaired. Should I stay with stainless, or go with the normal muffler shops products? The car runs good and seems to have a lot of life left in it.

Here’s my opinion: First, I am assuming the shop gave you a choice. If so, I’d buy the cheapest available exhaust that does the job. The 2006 xA is now 14 years old. I’d assume it is a daily driver and not a sort of collector car to you. The new cheap exhaust will likely outlive the car’s useful service. No offense intended. Just being pragmatic. We just made that choice on our 2007 Honda Fit. “Just make it work” was our answer.

I had an exhaust system replaced by a bender guy, his total cost was less than I could buy parts for, and came with a lifetime warranty including welding a split catalytic converter. Muffler went out and had to pay $2.36 for a new clamp. My recommendation would be a bender guy, chances are the car is not going to make it another 14 years.

Many aftermarket muffler shops sell Stainless.

I’d get whatever is cheapest.

Get estimates with carbon steel and with stainless steel. It seems to me that the labor cost is likely more than the cost of materials. If the difference isn’t too much in your opinion and you plan to keep your car for a while, go with stainless.

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