Tire Valve Replacement

My mother got her Tire Valve Replaced at the (2019 5-Series) BMW Dealership in Tenafly, NJ bc it was Loosing Air. It was $104 to Replace the “Tire Valve”. So my question is: Did She Get Ripped Off ? _. Is it really $104 just to Replace it?. Why did she get it Replaced? Bc she kept on Loosing Air in her Front Right Side Tire. I filled it up iwht Air last week & now it’s gives a warning that it’s Low in Air again (!). Thought?
EDIT: Few or Several Weeks ago, she ran over a Curve & went thru a lot of Pot Holes.

If it’s the same tire the valve stem was replaced on, either the valve wasn’t installed correctly or the leak is somewhere else on the tire.

Did she get ripped off?

Well, you had a BMW dealer do the tire repair.



Few or Several Weeks ago, she ran over a Curve & went thru a lot of Pot Holes.

An automotive repair shop charging flat-rate labor will likely charge 0.4 hours (24 minutes) to inspect and replace a tire valve stem.

$260/hour X 0.4 = $104

Some people don’t trust tires shops to replace or repair leaky tires, so they pay dealer prices.

Are you saying the tire still leaks?

Why did the dealership replace the valve? (Although I presume it was also a tire pressure monitor - except, you know, those 2000 and prior BMWs didn’t have TPMS. But we don’t know the year of the car, so we?).

Was the tire checked for an actual leak before they replaced the valve? Or was it checked and they found a leaky valve? Or what?

Sounds like she still has a leaky tire…skip the dealer. Find a reputable, local tire shop.


Nope, it’s not leaking anymore. What I am asking is… is it really 104 Dollars just to replace it but you answered that already. Thanks.

Fair enough, but why did you write this?


Yeah, your comments are a little confusing, not sure if it is fixed or still leaking… lol

I will say this though, those BMW’s, if running 35/40 series tires, are very bad about cracking the wheels when hitting potholes, sold plenty of them…

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It’s Fixed, just wanted to know if it’s really 104 Dollars to get a “Tire Valve” replaced.
So you’re saying that these Wheels are not that great ?

Do you mean “curve” or “curb” here? If she hit a curb, as I suspect, be thankful that more expensive damage wasn’t done, as that’s a common result.

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I have about 100 damaged wheels in my back yard, none are from a BMW. Stay on the pavement, don’t hit curbs.

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Car and Driver damaged several rims hitting potholes in one of their test BMWs.


Some BMW’s of that age had electronics in the tyre valve (RDC) If you’re tyre pressure is displayed in your screen as a number it’s one of those

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I needed 2 replaced, GM dealer $55 ea. I am happy you are good now, not a rip off, as BMW means extra bucks in my observation,

My 2008 6 series TPM,

My perception of BMWs is that they are known for having very good handling/roadholding. Are you telling us that BMW drivers should avoid curves, and should only drive on roads that are totally straight?

Where the heck to they charge $260/hr? Even dealers around here don’t charge that much. And we’re part of the Boston market which is one of highest cost of living place in the country

As I stated, if she is running OEM wheels with OEM 35/40 series tires, I have replaced a lot of them as well as Mercedes Benz with the same low pro tires, BUT, never seen a 45 and higher series crack… And they all have cracked on the inside inner bead area (hard to see even with the wheel off the cars) of the wheel from hitting potholes NOT curbs… Normally it shows up as a slow(ish) leak…

@PatSmith Did you even look at the dealer invoice to see what the charges were ? I am actually surprised that your Mother was only charged $104.00 . Most dealers will charge a diagnostic fee , shop items , labor time and parts at dealer prices .

The next time for tire problems use a tire shop


In the greater Seattle area, home of the highest minimum wage in the nation, the Chevrolet, Mazda, and Toyota dealers are banging around $200-$220 hour. If it costs $220/hr to work on a Chevy I can easily see the rate being $260 for a Eurolux brand.