2010 Honda Insight - Longevity?

I am curious as to the longevity of my 2010 second generation Honda insight. I have 109,000 miles on it. What is the most anyone has gotten on it?

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Your best move would be to search the web for a Honda Insight specific forum . Of the regulars here I think there is only one Insight owner .

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Normally, we say “Check CarComplaints.com.” However, the Insight was a low-volume vehicle, so little is know about it due to lack of data. If you are debating the purchase of a new green Honda, consider the Clarity PHEV if you can find one. They are a unique gem in the Honda treasure chest.

According to several reviews I read, the second generation Honda Insight was not a good car. It was made to compete with the Prius, but the comparable Prius from that era is better in just about every way. However, Consumer Reports gave the Insight top marks in “predicted reliability” in 2009.

I predict the car will continue to be as reliable as you’d expect from a Honda, but you will reach a point when the hybrid battery or some other expensive hybrid component fails. When that happens, the repair will probably not be a financially sound decision, whether it’s due to the low cost of fuel, or the remaining salvage value of the car.

That leaves me wondering whether you’re still driving on the original hybrid battery, or if you’ve had to replace it yet. How many years and miles are on the current battery pack?

If it were mine, and I was still driving on the original hybrid battery, I’d get rid of it soon. You only seem to be averaging about 12,000 miles per year, and hybrid batteries last the longest when they get lots of use.

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Honda’s reliability reliability for their hybrids lags that of Toyota’s hybrids to a massive extent.