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Cost of 98' Pontiac Grand Prix GT?

I’m interested in buying a 98’ Pontiac Grand Prix GT from my girlfriends brother. It has 90k miles on it, has all scheduled maintenance, and has only been drive 15 miles back and forth to work with one owner. He wants 5k but I should give 3700. Am i shooting to low? put the trade in value at $1,650, private party sale at $2,600, and dealer at $3,600 for “clean” condition car. Think owner is expecting too much, and you are paying top dollar at $3,700. Do some more research. This is now a 12 year old car.

You are not shooting too low, seller is out of touch. If he loves his car this much then he should keep it. $2,800 to $3,000 is in the ballpark and it would need to be in very good shape for that price.

I agree; this car is horribly overpriced even at 3700 dollars. Asking 5 grand on a 12 year old Pontiac GT is a bit delusional because there’s millions of these things out there.

Okay thanx i felt like the price was off.