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Cost estimate of repair - 2002 Mazda 626

I recently slid my 2002 Mazda 626 into the back of a Jeep on a patch of ice. The spare tire mounted to the back door of the Jeep made contact with the hood of my car. The bumper never made contact with the Jeep, but it did get slightly damaged. If you look at the engine compartment, the radiator has been pushed back, till it almost touches the engine.

The car still starts and is driveable for short distances, although I’ve not tried to drive it for more than 30-40 yards at a time.

The first estimate for fixing the car I got was $7500. The second estimate I’ve got is $4900, though the guy knew how much the first man was going to charge me.

I was wondering if someone could help me get a ball park estimate of how much fixing my car would cost me. I’m told I need the following:

* Hood, hood latch & hood hinges

* Front bumper

* Left and right front corner lights

* Grill

* Radiator, upper and lower tubing & cooling lines

* AC Condensor

* Radiator support

* Cooling fans

* Exhaust manifold shield

* Transmission coolant lines

The $4900 price includes painting and taxes. Is this a resonable price or is it inflated?

Any help would be appreciated. Towing this car from place to place is getting pretty expense.

Good price. It sounds like a Christmas present.

Do you just want to make the car functional? If you do, that could be much cheaper. Just tell that to the repairer.

I went with pictures and list of parts from the 2 estimates at 2 more collisions places (with ok reviews) and both said that the repair would be between $3000-$3500. So it sounds like it may be worth for me to tow the car one more time. Thanks for your responses

Those repair costs are much more reasonable than the first two as this repair is referred to as a “bolt on repair”, meaning all of the damaged items are simply removed and replaced with little body work involved.