Collision Repairs Est--Fender, Headlamp

I experienced a small fenderbender on a snowy road–swiping the guardrail along the side of the car, with some impact on the bumper and fender. The car is a 200 Honda Accord 4-door sedan. I took it to a body shop, and the mechanic estimated $1500 for a replacement fender, a fender/bumper support rail, new right headlamp plus repairing scratches/dents in the door and above the right back tire. Given the make and model of the car, does this estimate sound right, plus or minus labor? Or does it all depend on looking at the actual car to determine cost/necessity?

Thank you!

Can’t Say Without Seeing, But Doesn’t Necessarily Sound Out Of Line.

Why not stop by another couple body/collision repair shops that offer free estimates. That will give you a clearer picture.

One person’s definition of a small fender bender can be different from another person’s. If there’s parts or labor for a fender/bumper rail and it’s needed then there was a pretty good impact to the end of that bumper.