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Corvette Trouble

I have a 2000 corvette, when doors are open the dash board lights go on. When the car is started the dash board lights go off and the tail lights will not work. Fuses are fine and lights are good. What is the fix

I guess you could hope someone has experienced the same set of symptons.

I do not know much about Corvettes, but from what you are saying it sounds that there is a ground problem.

I wish I had your problem/car. I agree, but would have it looked at pronto. Had similar problem in SAAB. You may not be protected by fuses as ground may be occurring before them. I may be overly cautious and absolutely wrong, but the right combination of switching could produce a problem you may not be protected from. A very short electrician may be in order.

Try removing the fuses, one at a time, in turn, and check the operation of the lights each time. See if you can create an unexpected result. This may lead you in the right direction…

Do the brake/signal lights work? If it is only your running lights then sounds like they have lost power altogether…running element only. Do they come on when you unlock using your key fob? Mine do, and then they go off when you open the door. I wonder if it is tied up with that mechanism…that system could be overiding the running bulb element power. Sounds like a test light will be your best friend here to find where the power is interrupted.