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Corvette not starting

so I was driving down the street the other day then my car completely shut off no interior lights car won’t turn over radio wont turn on had to push it up the hill, to get it out of the street and get it towed. Any thoughts?

what year? I would start with the battery and check the wiring for the charging and starter or maybe you cooked a fuseable link

Maybe battery died. Good place to start

If it was running and then not… are we talkin’ instant death? Or fade away putt-putt death?
Maybe a cable fell off somewhere in the Corvette… Where? Who knows?
What kinda Corvette do you have? C1? C2? C3? C4? C5? C6 or C7? It is really tough to guess on a failure mode if you don’t tell us anything more than, Corvette - stopped running

This is definitely a situation that will end in something very expensive to fix. I have seen this happen to Vettes before and it’s just the beginning. First, it’s an isolated instance, then it begins to happen more frequently. There is no known fix. If you wish, just sign your Vette over to me and I would be willing to sacrifice my time and resources to get it fix. That would leave you free to move on.

Lets hope it may be something as simple as an electrical connection somewhere.

Sounds like the ignition switch or the anti- theft system on the fritz. First thing to do though is have the battery load tested. If the battery tests good, suspect the above.

Those '63 Stingrays are well known for that kind of problem.

Ah, the 1963 Stingray. A rare classic. What a car. The early 60’s were a good year for car designers generally, but the 63 Stingray is really a most excellent even among the best.

Yeah, I think most of us would rather have a broken 63 Vette than most new cars :slight_smile:

It’s an 81 just instant death. Headlights still work but brake lights and interior lights got nothing. No anti theft system, battery led than 6 months old. Had charging problems so replaced the alternator but it turned out the wiring in the alternator we wired wrong so got that fixed. Also got some wiring issues fixed with the right blinker not blinking.any other info I can provide? Buddy of mine says it could be the power supply or fuse link. What do you guys think? Slim chance I’m signing it over guy lol this is the dream car, achieved at age 21 with hard work and determination. Although right now it’s just a display piece.

That does sound like a fusible link or main fuse, which ever this thing has. Off the + battery posts, there are two wires, one goes straight to the starter motor, the other goes to some kind of distribution panel. The second wire is either a fusible link or it attaches to a large fuse, probably 80 to 100 amps.

Start by feeling that wire. If it feels like it is just an empty piece of insulation or has a weak spot in it, then it is a fusible link and it has blown.

It’s probably a burned up fuse link, caused by the incorrect wiring job or just corrosion on this old car. Also check all the wiring at the starter, which was used as a junction point for a lot of the wiring on older GM cars.

I agree with a fusible link failure. I’m pretty sure that is what an 81 has. It could be a burned up link or is failed simply from age. The car IS 34 years old.