Correction: transmission won't UP shift unless you release gas pedal

I stated my problem incorrectly in a previous post. 99 Grand Marquis. The transmission won’t UP shift unless you release the gas pedal.

Check engine light not on, no OBD codes. Changed the transmission fluid and filter. Fluid level OK. Suggestions? Cheers, Tom2.0

Tom, please make a habit of responding to the original message rather than start a new thread.  Having this bit and that bit here and there is like a jig saw puzzle where some pieces hidden in the sofa.  

BTW since I don't know about your prior message, could you tell us how many miles on your car and what year it may be?

Does it happens with transmission cold ? See attached file.

Other part worth to check is the TPS. Your ECM uses that signal with the MAP/MAF to change shift points on electronic transmissions.

Thank you. I understand and truly appreciate your response.

The car is a 1999 with 117,000 miles.
Cheers, Tom2.0

“Oops! This link appears to be broken.” Maybe I’m doing something wrong or I’ll try a different browser. Downloaded: 5 time(s) are my attempts.

Does it happen when it’s cold? I would say yes and then some. The back story. My son drove the the car home Jacksonville, FL from college Gainesville, FL this week. I borrowed it to go to the bank. He told me it’s been happening for several months (let’s add a few more months) and he’s adjusted his driving habits with the accelerator release to accommodate it.

Cheers, Tom2.0

Thanks, I’ll pull my Haynes Manual out.

Should a problem with the TPS show up with the OBD-II diagnostics codes? I’m not getting any codes.
Cheers, Tom2.0