Gas Pedal

I have changed the fuel filter and pump but when I press the gas pedal all the way to the floor and my car will not move. However if I try putting the car in reverse it will move, can you tell me what is going on?

Need more information. Does the engine accelerate and won’t move? If that is the case, sounds like your tansmission is shot.

We need to know more about your car’s pedigree. Make. model, year? Put the shift lever in one of the other forward gears and see if the car seems to pull, at all. Check the fluid level in the transmission, usually done with the engine idling. Pull the stick out. Wipe it. Put back in fully. Pull out and look at the end where the marks are. Let us know results.

Ruby, you need to click on POST YOUR REPLY to post here to your original question. //// Ok. You have a 1995 Toyota Camry. What about the different forward gear positions and the fluid level?

I can move the car (95 Toyota Camry) but when in motion it is jerking and take off. I have not gotten a change to do the check that you mentioned I will do this this afternoon. Please help (desperate).

Let me get this straight: When you put the shift lever into REVERSE, the car smoothly engages reverse gear and goes backwards? Is that correct? When you put the gear selector into DRIVE, does the gear seem to engage quickly and the car begin to move forward? Is this correct? But, the drive forward is not smooth? Does the engine speed seem to race up and down when the car is moving forward?

I’m not a mechanic but it may be your transmission…