Correction: 1998-2003 Windstar Van Fatalities


This one should work…

Hey! People are getting killed. PAY ATTENTION

See my post on the other redundant thread.

Recall # 10-s-13 has been mailed to all registered owners of affected vehicles.
Parts have been automatically shipped to Ford dealers to reinforce to rear axle beam. If a vehicle needs the whole axle beam one will be ordered.

I currently have inventory to reinforce 12 vehicles in Gallup NM.

If you wonder about your vehicle, simply pop in to any Ford dealer and we will check your VIN and the condition of the axle beam.

Hey Smiley. Im try to keep people from endeing up in the ditch or dead. It was on the world news last night.


But that one guy was out of town n didnt get his mail and missed the news

Not me. I sold my POS Windstar in 2003.

Was his last name Ryan?

If your desire is to keep people from getting killed then you’re going to be busy. There’s not a car maker around who is NOT involved in something like this.

Maybe you’ve never heard of the steering rack problem that was covered up by Subaru (which I’ve personally seen done by the factory reps who indirectly 'fessed up to me), or the CEO of Mitsubishi who was arrested for conspiring to cover up a ball joint problem, or the 2 high level Toyota execs who were arrested for doing the same thing as the Mitsu guy,…

Where do you want to stop with this?

Looking at some good toyota deals, Don’t worry about stopping. only going faster:)Peacefrog I love your idea to warn all but it is a minor recall~TSB compared to many!

While it’s a tragic situation, it could also be looked at as a case of extreme neglect on the part of the car owner. As far as I know every owners manual recommends a periodic inspection of the chassis along with brake lines, etc.

If the rust situation is bad enough to cause an axle to snap then odds are that everything attached to that axle is also on the verge of snapping. This rust and broken axle is not something that occurs over a few weeks time. It spent years reaching that point and a periodic inspection would have headed this off.

The axle just happened to be the weak link in the chain. If the axle did not snap it could have been a trailing arm, or a ball joint, or a subframe mount,…

As well as late recalls, apparently the FDA (food and drug administration) finally put out a warning even though the FDA has had this well documented case in its files for years. The FDA is warning people against eating leftovers on Christmas Eve. Apparently, there is a case where a man did eat leftovers on Christmas eve and then went to bed. In the middle of the night, he sprang from his bed because something was the matter. According to the report, “He tore open the shutters and threw up his hash”.

At any rate, Merry Christmas to everyone out there and I promise no more posts like this until after the holidays.

Is that one guy who was out of town and didn’t get his mail, and missed the news, a reader of this forum?

Good work


lets hope so

I have a hard time calling it minor …have you seen the video of what happens when the axle breaks? Then again it isnt hard to guess how ugly it is

Good point. I remember the first time i seen one of theses axles. Not impressed

That was brilliant