Correct head Bolt torque specs

I am working on a 2005 PT Cruiser. I had to fix a warped head and valvd job. I am putting the head back on, but I am finding contradicting specs on the torque for the head bolts. I found where the specs are 25 ft lbs, and then 2 sets of 45 with a 1/4 turn after. I have also seen 65 twice, 25, and then 1/4 turn. Can some clarify which is correct and also give me the am shaft cap torque specs also? Thanks in advance.

Here you go.

Since the last torque spec is an angle, it means these are toque-to-yield head bolts. Which means they cannot be reused. But instead new head bolts are required.


Yes sir I got new bolts with the kit. I forgot about that variety, I saw it as well. I heard an updated specs was released and just don’t want to mess the head up again.

Just make sure you lube the threads and the under-side of bolt head/washer to get an accurate torque reading.