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Bolt torque

the manual says to torque the head bolts to 22ft lbs. then short bolts 55 degrees med to 65 degrees long to 75 degrees. what is the meaning of 55 degrees for torque

need answer to bolt torque question

The head bolts on your engine are Torque-to-Yield type head bolts which require a torque angle instead of FT/LBS. This means the head bolts cannot be reused but instead new ones are required.

To set the torque angle requires a torque angle gauge You mount a socket to the bottom of the gauge then a breaker bar to the gauge. Position this on the bolt and then zero out the gauge where the stop bar rest against something. Now tighten the bolt until the proper angle is reached.


These are Torque-To-Yield (TTY) bolts. The degrees of means the torque angle to stretch the bolts to their yield point for proper holding power. These bolts need to be replaced anytime they are removed, because the same holding power cannot be achieved once the tension is released.

The best way to get the proper torque angle is with an angel gauge like this, available at most auto parts stores. Don’t forget to add a touch of oil to the bottom of the heads of the bolts.