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2014 Ford fusion Head bolt torque

I have a 2014 Ford fusion 2.5l (VIN 7) and I decided to replace the head gasket since I have the engine out anyways but I can’t find the torque specs for the head bolts. Can anybody either tell me or point me in the right direction?

Call the dealers service dept and ask them. Or ask the parts guy.

I think (?) these are probably torque to yield bolts and it’s recommended that they be replaced., That’s the case with many modern era vehicles.

I have reused head bolts with no issues but… just sayin’.

The last time I bought head bolts they came with tightening step instructions.

Kudos (haha) to you for getting that far. I’d get it verified 100% before proceeding. A repair manual or factory service manual for that specific vehicle should have it.

You probably torque the cylinder head bolts in a specified pattern, in several stages each with a different torque force , followed by a final turn or turns of a certain number of degrees. A factory service manual or probably even a Chiltons/Haynes should have the exact procedure. The ARP Fasteners website might have the procedure too.

I figured it out. 4 ft lbs, then 11 ft lbs, then 33 ft lbs, then an extra 90 degrees followed by another 90 degrees.

my chev has alum heads but it is only 44lbs and 90 degs. i used a torque wrench for the final 90 deg and it seems to be about 75lbs range. i did a similar motor that had MLS gaskets and it was 30lbs and than 3 passes at 90 deg. both had iron blocks and alum heads.

Sounds like torque to yield bolts - you are getting new ones, right?

Yeah, I tried an old one in a busted block to see what would happen and as I was making the last 90 it snapped lol. I was thinking that the steel bolts would stretch/weaken that much with an aluminum block but I guess I was wrong.