Correct diagnosis?



been hearing a squealing noise when I didnt push my clutch petal in for a few weeks. Had my CV boot replaced (right front b/c it got torn same time) then the squealing got worse but changed from going away when the clutch pedal was out to when it was pushed down.

Then the truck started to drive bad so I took it to the dealership. They say the clutch is slipping. I can accept that, but they say nothing about the squealing noise.

also, what would be a good price to fix a slipping clutch? (for the record I’ve only driven manual trans all my life and take care of my vehicles. My mother is flat out not allowed to drive my truck)

4X4 toyota tacoma sr5


Step One. Forget the dealer and find a shop that specializes in 4X4 repair…Have them take it around the block…