Corolla window sweeps question

Purchased 2014 Corolla in August. Previously owned one in 2004. First cool morning I rolled windows down to clear frost outside and nothing happened. Been to 2 different dealerships in 2 different states and neither offers a solution - says no previous complaints. Disappointed. Has anyone heard of this and is there some alternate part that might work. Thanks.

I’m confused. You want the window seals to clear frost? That’s what scrapers are for.

Window seals aren’t designed to clear frost. They’re only designed to wipe water. And to prevent unwanted things like leaves from drifting down into the cavity. Wet leaves inside the door shell would quickly rot the doors away.
The reason the dealership couldn’t help you is because you don’t have a problem.

Works for snow on the window but not frost in my experience.

"Is there some alternate part that might work?"
Ice scraper?

Frost was probably incorrect term. Doesn’t wipe condensation or water. One dealership said he ran several through his car wash and none wiped water. Not sure if I believe him. Never owned a car that did not. Thanks.

Depending where it hits the window will depend if it wipes it. My Camry wipes it some what, but it’s not cleared completely. It’s really there to help keep most water and debris out of the door.

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@Atienne3 What country and climate do you live in? As stated, the rubber trim is designed to keep the air out and also wipe off any water so it does not end up inside the door mechanism. Scrapers are designed and used to remove snow and ice.

I lived some years in the tropics and appreciated the value of rubber door and window seals in tropical rainstorms.

Thanks Carolyn. You’re okay.

Re: the wiper strips, I can’t remember ever having one that would clear frost. Even with water, it wipes excess off but doesn’t clear it like a squeegee would.

I take it that you want to be able to roll the window down and up and have that action clear the condensation off of the window so you can see clearly out of it. Is that right?

Sometimes that works sometimes it doesn’t. I have 4 cars and it works on 2 of them. You’ll just have to wipe the window clean before you drive off if you need to. There’s nothing wrong with your car.

The OP wanted it to scrape frost off. The OP thought something must be wrong with the sweep strip because it would not. I personally don’t recall ever having one that would scrape the frost off.

Toyota policy is “you can’t fix normal”. The factory weather strip will not clear the glass but you can tweak them a bit if you know how. First here is my warning, if you are not careful with what I am going to explain you can damage paint or sheet metal. Now here is what I have done before, remove the weather strip, it simply clips on. Now you will see the sheet metal where the weather strip attaches, using your hands first push the very top in, you only want to move it very slightly. If you can’t get any movement with your hands use a pair of vise grips with the 3 inch wide jaws. You only want to move the top in 1/16 or so. Years ago things like this were common practice to adjust body panel fits. Also do this with the window rolled all the way down and be careful of the glass if you use tools.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

About half the cars and trucks that I have owned have done a good job of clearing snow and moisture off the windows. I’ve never owned a vehicle that cleared the frost.