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Corolla CE horn works intermittently since new in 2000

I inherited my Mother’s 2000 Corolla CE with low mileage. I know that since the car was knew, she had the dealer check on why the horn did not blow every time she pressed it. I do not have those repair papers, so I do not know what they did to the car. Again, after each of 3 visits to the dealer, the horn would work for a few months. Finally, she gave up. Arizona does not test the horn, anyway. So, now, I am having the problem. (Also in my V90 Volvo post). Two cars with no horns…hmmmmm. Any ideas short of pulling out the air bag and the wires? Bad ground somewhere? Aarghhh!

If the problem is in the wiring inside the steering column, I would be tempted to buy a horn button that can be mounted on the side of the column and run new wires outside the column. These buttons should be available at auto parts stores. I did this on my 1950 Chevrolet pickup truck when the horn button in the steering wheel was defective.
However, check first to be sure the problem isn’t the horn relay or the horn itself.

Thanks, Triedaq, I will check the relay and horn. I also wanted to know how to perform some checking without opening up the air bag cover.

You need a wiring diagram and a voltmeter or test light. If you don’t have this equipment, I would recommend a shop that does electrical work. This should not be a difficult problem to pinpoint. They will trace back from the horn. Removing the air bag cover is the last step if you want to maintain the original appearance. Otherwise, I’ll bet they can bypass the wiring in the column and add an auxilliary horn button.