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Car Horn

I have a 1989 Chevrolet G20 Van that needs to pass Texas inspection. I have fixed everything on their checklist except the horn. It hasn’t worked since I lived in Oregon where it wasn’t an inspection requirement. I purchased a new horn and hooked it up but it is not working. I voltometered the wire and it looks like it’s not getting any juice when the horn on the wheel is pressed down. The fuse and all of the wires are in perfect shape as far as I could tell. I’m am stumped so I decided to just purchase a Horn Wiring Kit to by pass it but since I am not very electrically inclined I am a little lost, even with the instructions (

Can you mount the relay anywhere in the dashboard of the van? Where do I connect the Red Wire with inline fuse wire? Do I have to connect directly to the battery or can I connect it to the fuse box? An lastly I’m not sure how to get the Red Wire without inline fuse out to the engine to connect to the horn on this vehicle. Any ideas?

Thanks to anyone who can help with this problem!

Look this over:

Thanks. But does that red wire have to go to the battery or can it be connected to the fuse box like the wires in these pictures?

Have you considered actually repairing the problem? Like, say, repairing the steering wheel? Just because you push the button on the steering wheel does not mean it’s closing the circuit. Or, since there’s an assembly inside the wheel to allow the horn circuit to remain viable even when the wheel is being turned, perhaps the problem is there. The assembly is called a “clockspring”. You can Google it for clarification.

But I urge you not to try removing it yourself without a manual that tells you how to disable the airbag first. If you fool with your steering wheel and the airbag goes off, an inoperative horn will be the least of your problems.

If you follow the wiring diagram, you could install an auxiliary horn button on the side of the steering column. I did this on my 1950 Chevrolet pickup truck. I think these auxiliary horn buttons are available at most auto parts shops or you may be able to order online from J.C. Whitney auto parts.