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Tire /Wheel Sizes

I have 4 almost new snow tires on rims that were for a Toyota corolla wagon that I no longer have. I have a Honda CRV now
I would like to give them to a friend who has Honda Accord and needs to replace 2 of the tires. Will they fit ? If so, should she put all 4 on the car ?

The wheels from the Toyota won’t fit on the Honda.

If your friend wants the tires they’ll have to be removed form the Toyota rims and mounted on the Honda rims. And yes, all four should be installed on the car.


You need to give us more info. What is the size of the tires that came from the Corolla? What size tires are currently on the Honda Accord?

My guess the Corolla had 14 or 15" wheels and the Accord would have to have the same size wheels for a switch to be possible. The Corolla wheels will not fit the Accord even if they are the same size. The tires would need to be taken off the Corolla wheels and mounted and balanced on the Accord wheels. Cost of the switch would be about $15 to 20 per tire.

i doubt that the tire size of a Corolla should even be used on an Accord, regardless of rim fit. Check Tire RACK FOR SUGGESTED TIRE SIZES FOR YOUR friend’s Accord. See if they match…I then suggest you forget the whole idea when you find they don’t and go to plan B.

The Toyota had 14 inch wheels.
I guess Plan B is to sell the tires.

I think I was confusing “rims” with “wheels”. If they were on wheels, maybe they could have been put on the Accord.




The words “rims” and “wheels” tend to be used interchangeably. Technically the “rim” is the part that completes the assembly so it can hold air, and the wheel is the part that connects to the hub on the vehicle. But for most vehicles, they are one and the same.

For reasons no one fully understands, the car and tire industry feel they need HUNDREDS of different tire / wheel combinations to satisfy the market…Sell your snow tires and wheels on craigslist and give the proceeds to your friend, or let the friend do the sale…