Corolla 95 Transmission Problem

I just changed the transmission on my 95 Corolla 3 speed automatic with a used one and there is a problem when my car shifts gears: It shifts from 1st to 2nd around 25m/h and from 2nd to 3rd around 55m/h !

On the same time the shifts are accompanied by a jerking motion.

How can I adjust the transmission so it will shift sooner and get rid of the jerking motion?

Can I find any transmission adjustment manual so any lists about this?

Thank you.

The shift control cable is probably out of adjustment. Here’s how to adjust it.

From under the vehicle, loosen the shift control lever swivel nut.

Push the lever all the way to the right so it’s in park.

Move the lever back two clicks so it’s in neutral.

Have someone hold the shifter in neutral.

Now push the lever back towards reverse, but don’t put it into reverse.

Tighten the swivel nut.